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"After introducing Asian food to Children's Centres in West Yorkshire, 

I worked my first UK head chef position 

in a successful restaurant in Leeds for three years.


The main feedback I always get - and I think this is important

if a chef is to call their food 'authentic' -

is that I don't change my recipes to suit western tastes.

How I cook for you is how I cook at home."

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The Tiny Thai truly is a family venture,

created and run by both Bpuu and Paul,

and son Alf sometimes too!

We offer you a warm welcome to our table.

The team is now growing and we have

a friendly, personable crew, front and back-of-house,

to make our guests’ Tiny Thai experience even better.

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Our first Cornwall project was a little trailer

parked outside Pop Gallery in Wadebridge,

selling delicious Southern Thai treats as takeaway.

Tiny Thai traded from this spot for two years; in all weathers!

During this time, we built up a healthy local following;

enough to feel that a more permanent structure would work.

Which was great for us because two years

in a summer hot-box and winter freeze-box was pretty tough,

especially raising a young boy at the same time.


And so was born The Tiny Thai, version two,

at 1a Molesworth street, Wadebridge (currently our ONLY outlet).

We sold our trailer and opened in our lovely permanent premises

in June 2018 and haven’t looked back since. 


We’ve swapped the views of Lidl for views of the river;

long, cold winter nights for cosy central heating.

But we truly are very thankful for our trailer beginnings,

because without them we wouldn’t be where we are now,

able to carry on serving our unique, exciting Southern Thai cuisine

to all our fantastic customers and friends

who have supported us along the way. 


At the Tiny Thai we keep the street-food feel.

It’s always the same chef, Bpuu, and the same freshly-prepared food,

in our warm, river-view informal setting.

We’re part self-service, for instance, you can order at the bar,

which is a great way to make you feel part of the place,

and breaks with the conventions of a more formal restaurant setting. 

We’re not a huge restaurant, we’re ‘tiny’ remember!

We have limited kitchen staff and space,

so at very busy periods you may find you wait

a little longer for service. Please bear with us.

Our standards remain high; we promise it will be worth the wait.

And you can enjoy our homely atmosphere

whilst anticipating the spicy delights to come.


"I started cooking when I was 14,

trained initially by real street chefs.


I then worked for many years

perfecting the flavours of 

Southern Thai food before

running kitchens of my own."

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